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Why You Should Invest in the High ROI End of Day Trading Course

This High ROI End of Day Trading Video Course Shows You How to Trade Using End of day Charts and Still Get a Fantastic Return on Your Trades.

5.0 out of 5 stars Solid strategy for mid to long term traders, January 19, 2014

I love the higher RR strategies. Why put all that work into a trade for a small return
LR Thomas outlines a nice high reward system based on solid price action…not a bunch of fancy indicators


LR's video course is to the point, clear, accurate and profitable

LR's High ROI Trading Video Course contains possibly the best (i.e. the most profitable for a given risk) FOREX education content of any on the internet. And the course takes a lot of the mental barriers away by defining clear and unambiguous rules. I have participated in many expensive courses, and while I learned something from all of them, this Course hits sixes to the boundary every time.

Alastair Forres

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the High ROI Trading End of Day Course.

  • Course Overview
  • Using the Monthly Charts to Find EOD Trades
  • Monthly Push Pull Patterns
  • Using Monthly Trend Line Breaks to Find EOD Trades
  • Using Monthly Parabolics to Find EOD Trades
  • Using Monthly Pullbacks to Find EOD Trades
  • Using Monthly Horizontal Breaks to Find Daily Entries
  • Using Monthly Patterns to Find EOD Trades
  • Using Daily Momentum to Find High ROI Trades
  • Using Daily Pins to Enter Trades
  • Using Closed Push Pulls to Enter Trades
  • Daily Reversal Patterns
  • Taking Your Profits
  • Organising Your Charts
  • Selecting Your Pairs
  • How to Choose Which Pair to Trade
  • Trade Examples
  • Wrap Up
  • Course Updates

Complete trading strategy - Exellent

Clear trading strategy, multiple time frame approach. Well worth the money, it has improved my own trading. Everything is covered, finding setups, entries, take profits as well as many examples and tips. Course is well paced and suitable for beginner/intermediate traders. Targets trades with high probability and high risk to reward.

Marc Epsley

This course will give you everything necessary to trade Forex

All important issues that are necessary to trade are covered. Although a trader for many years now, this course added to my (often painful) experience in a positive and constructive way. The main advantage is that a window opened what to expect from trade set ups concerning Stops and Targets

Theo Witteveen

Great depth, really enjoyed this..

I've traded on and off for over 15 years, relationships permitting (when single I trade, when not I get told not too!). Being single again I've again started trading and I decided to freshen up by reading some books, watching some DVDs and seeing what grabbed me. I liked the look of this course and ploughed through it and felt as though I learnt a lot. It raised my game, made me look at things differently and most definitely lifted my energy levels towards getting back into the market. I loved the alternative compounding trades strategy when shooting for 8-10 roi, it makes so much sense and will be incorporated into my own risk management system as I start to take my trading seriously again. Most "trading" courses are hot air. The people giving them clearly have little experience (not Udemy specifically, just the forex wealth crowd who promise riches for $47). I felt in this instance Ms LR Thomas had got her feet wet, obviously I know not of her success levels, but she sounded like it was all her own experience along with her own systems, strategies and thoughts. Another thing I loved was the amount of drawing (and colouring) of various lines of significance she did. Every Sunday I used to prepare for the coming week by getting a big picture and go back and check support and resistance levels. She's changed my attitude towards this somewhat as I saw obvious merit and drawing in various differing channels, trandlines and S/R levels. I also felt that she was quite transparent and was readily holding her hands up, when showing historic patterns, that hindsight is 20/20. We all know this, but it was refreshingly human and nice to hear someone saying this, rather than saying, see, you could be a millionaire by next week. I can't vouch for how easy it is for an inexperienced trader to go through this course, as I'm long enough in the tooth to have forgotten what it was like to not be able to read a chart, or recognise candlesticks without any effort, regardless it's a good course and the depth and breadth of knowledge was great.

Loved it.

Gareth Jones